Cemetery Memorials

From the beginning of humanity, people have created memorials of a loved one. Custom cemetery memorials can be any object that identifies a person who has passed away. Headstones, grave markers, benches and urns are a few simple forms a memorial can take. The people we cherish in life are those we want to be remembered in perpetuity.

We encourage you to take your time designing your loved one’s memorial, in whatever form it takes. It should reflect the essence of your loved one—what made him or her unique. What is your loved one’s legacy that should be passed on to succeeding generations? How do you want your loved one to be remembered?

Memorials can be as simple as the name, with birth and death dates only. Yet even then there are numerous ways to capture the uniqueness of a life. Your choice of material—the color and pattern of granite—and the font you select for the wording—sleek and modern or ornate—communicates something about the kind of person your loved one was.

Memorials can also be as elaborate as you desire as long as you remain within the restrictions of the cemetery regulations. You can include favorite quotes or scriptures or possibly a family motto. Borders and decorative images offer unlimited possibilities, such as flowers or abstract designs. We can also create photo images of a loved one, using laser technology.

Whatever your loved one accomplished, whatever hobby a loved one engaged in, images and emblems can be included in a memorial. Both religious affiliation and service in the military can also be commemorated. So take your time and browse through our gallery to discover what is possible.

Custom cemetery memorials