Grave Markers

Custom grave markers, unlike headstones or monuments, lie flat on the ground rather than stand upright. Markers can either be made solely of stone or they can be made of bronze. Bronze markers, however, are typically installed on a granite slab. Granite markers can either lie flat or have a slanted profile.

Like a headstone, grave markers are engraved with the name, birth and death dates of your loved one. Although grave markers are often smaller than a headstone, they can also be adorned with decorative embellishments, as well as words or phrases to honor a loved one’s memory.

We encourage you to view our gallery so you can see the variety of granites available as well as the numerous options in designs to customize your memorial. Lettering, for example, can be etched into the stone or you can opt for raised lettering. Your loved one was unique, and a grave marker can reflect his or her special qualities.

Bronze markers also offer options to customize the design, from laser engraving to font styles to vases for holding flowers. As always, you can rest assured that a marker made of bronze will last a lifetime and more. So will your tribute to your loved one’s memory.

At Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers, we suggest that you consult the cemetery for any rules and regulations regarding grave markers to ensure that your decisions meet all requirements before your marker is installed.

custom grave markers