Custom headstones are among the earliest form of funerary art. From the beginnings of human culture, we have desired to honor those who have passed and keep their memory alive. Memorial headstones not only mark the site of a grave, but also serve to preserve the unique identity of the person.

Headstones refer to an upright marker that is placed at the head of the grave in contrast to a marker that lies flat. Memorial headstones not only record the name, birth and death dates of the person, but usually also include a memorial in the form of words or phrases describing the person, reflecting a favorite expression or scripture, and often including decorative images.

The most common choice of stone is granite because of its durability. Granite also lends itself to carving or etching, including laser etching, making it a timeless choice of material for a headstone. Further, granite comes in a variety of colors and patterning, which allows you to customize a headstone to reflect the tastes and personality of the loved one you want to commemorate.

Headstones can be made in any size, but check with the cemetery’s regulations first. Some cemeteries restrict the height or width of a headstone as well as the type of stone allowed. Headstones can mark a single gravesite, a couple’s last resting place, or even a family plot, but again you should know the cemetery’s rules before you finalize your design.

A headstone can be as simple as a rectangle or it can be shaped. Design elements can include roses or other flowers as well as scenes from nature and even laser portraits. Your choices are limited only by your imagination. We encourage you to view our gallery for ideas, and we are ready to assist you through the design process.

custom headstones