An above ground private mausoleum is an alternative to traditional underground burial. Custom mausoleums are a permanent final resting place above the earth. Private mausoleums can be purchased for a single individual or built to house the remains of multiple family members. Private mausoleum construction ranges from simple to extravagant. People choose private mausoleums for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are for privacy, above ground burial and the ability to personalize the final resting place of the deceased.

Michigan Headstones sells personalized and customized mausoleums in both domestic and imported granite colors. We offer several types of mausoleums to include above ground burial vaults, personal 1 crypt, companion 2 crypt, family mausoleums and walk-in mausoleums. We work with talented designers and engineers to design and build your mausoleum from concept to completion on your cemetery lot. If you are interested in buying a custom designed private mausoleum for yourself, you and your spouse, your parents, your children or other family members, please consider talking to Michigan Headstones.

Private mausoleums can vary significantly in price based on size, granite color, design elements, and number of crypts. One significant benefit is that private mausoleums are excluded from estate taxes, which benefits families who are in the estate planning process. Michigan Headstones takes pride in being able to design a mausoleum to fit your needs and budget. Contact Michigan Headstones today to discuss the possibilities with a preliminary consultation.

Contact Us Today for Prices on Custom Mausoleums

  • Individual Small Single-Crypt Private Mausoleums: Starting from $14K
  • Side-by-Side Companion Crypt Private Mausoleums: Starting from $22K
  • Two Crypt ‘Stacked’ (One on Top of The Other) Mausoleums: Starting From $22K
  • 3 Crypt Mausoleums: Starting From $26K
  • 4 Crypt Mausoleums: Starting From $33K
  • 5 Crypt Mausoleums: Starting From $39K
  • 6 Crypt Mausoleums: Starting From $45K
  • 7 Crypt Mausoleums: Starting From $50K
  • 8 Crypt Mausoleums: Starting From $55K
  • Walk-In (Indoor) Private Family Mausoleum (2-4 Crypts): Starting From $85K
  • Walk-In (Indoor) Private Family Mausoleum (6-8 Crypts): Starting From $145K
  • Estate Walk-In Mausoleum (12-16 crypts): Starting From $350K
  • Vestibule Mausoleums Starting From $87K
  • Chapel Walk-In Mausoleums: Starting From $175K