Whether you call it a tombstone or gravestone, the terms are currently considered synonymous, but that has not always been true. In times past, custom tombstones referred only to the stone lid of a stone coffin. A gravestone, on the other hand, referred to the stone that marked the site of a grave.

A headstone specifically refers to a gravestone placed at the head of the grave because in centuries past, graves also included footstones, a tradition we rarely see any longer. These days, the terms tombstone, gravestone, and headstone are generally used interchangeably.

Tombstones come in all the same options of a headstone: type of stone, sizes, shapes, and design elements. Before you settle on a specific design, we do suggest that you confirm any size, height or material restrictions with the cemetery where the tombstone will be installed.

If your need is for a tombstone in its original sense, Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers will work with you to ensure that the finished tombstone reflects your design choices and complies with cemetery regulations.

Your loved one’s final resting place deserves to be designed with care. It deserves superior craftsmanship. You deserve peace of mind from knowing that the tombstone you design will be made, delivered and installed in a timely manner. We can assure you that Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers can meet the rules and regulations of any cemetery in Michigan.

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