Cemetery Monuments

What is a cemetery monument? A large stone statue commemorating a person or significant event might come to mind. Even a building can be considered a monument if it was built to honor someone’s memory.

In a cemetery, however, monuments generally refer to upright headstones. In this regard, a monument is synonymous with a tombstone or gravestone. And the word monument is used with good reason. A headstone is a type of monument because it provides a memorial tribute to a person and suggests that the person’s life is worthy of being remembered.

Although the word monumental can suggest that something is exceptionally large, when it comes to cemetery monuments, it isn’t the size of the monument that matters as much as the sentiment it expresses. A cemetery monument should point to the best attributes of a person and honor that person’s legacy.

Because monuments exist to serve as a reminder to future generations, they are usually made of granite or other hard material. For as long as the monument lasts, the memory will also last. A granite monument will protect that memory for generations to come.

The memorial tribute also helps you keep your memories of a loved one alive. The best tributes capture the uniqueness of a life through words and images. Just walk through a cemetery and read the monuments to discover this truth.

At Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers, we never lose sight that we are creating monuments to the memory of your loved one. We treat each monument with the respect that is due to the person and memory it preserves.

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