Grave Stones

Custom grave stones have a long history. In cultures that mark graves, the primary purpose of a gravestone is to identify a grave. It is often seen as a sign of respect for the person who passed away. Sadly, an unmarked grave is sometimes seen as bringing shame upon the deceased.

At Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers, we never want anyone to feel shame about an unmarked grave. We never make an assumption about the reason a grave might be unmarked. In fact there is a period after burial in which a cemetery could require that you wait before installing a gravestone in order to allow the grave to settle, lasting anywhere from six months to a year.

We suggest that you use the time before the permanent gravestone is installed to learn the rules and regulations of the cemetery. It is within your right to use an outside vendor to order a gravestone, but Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers will be required to follow all of the cemetery’s rules. If the gravestone doesn’t meet the requirements, the cemetery can refuse to allow installation of it. That would be the true shame.

While you are waiting, we suggest that you use the time to settle on the design of the gravestone. Family members sometimes have differing visions for the design, so take the time you need to come to an agreement. There is no reason to rush the process. It’s helpful to discuss everyone’s responses to different design options so the whole family will be pleased with the final decision.

Your loved one’s memory will be forever set in stone. Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers will always do our part to make the process—from design to delivery to installation—as smooth as possible during your time of grief and mourning.

custom grave stones