Cremation Monuments

Cremation has become the preferred choice at the end of life for a majority of people in Michigan. What was once a rarity is now a venerable alternative to traditional burial. Although a person’s ashes can be kept in the home or scattered wherever permitted, a substantial number of people choose to bury the ashes in a cemetery or inter the ashes in a mausoleum.

At Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers, we give the same care and attention to creating cremation monuments as to other headstones or grave markers. You have all the same choices for a cremation monument as well.

Your custom monument can memorialize your loved one. A traditional headstone can mark the gravesite of your loved one’s ashes, and you can select all the same options for granite, lettering, and decorative motifs. Grave markers are also an appropriate choice.

Cremation benches are specially designed to contain your loved ones’ ashes inside them. As with all our benches, you can customize the design with choice of materials and the remembrances you incorporate into the design to honor your loved one.

Our gallery can provide you with inspiration to design your loved one’s cremation monument. As you work through the process, we suggest that you keep the cemetery regulations in mind in regard to materials and size of monuments. The staff of Michigan Headstones and Grave Markers is here to assist you.