Bronze Markers

Enduring Beauty
Bronze memorials are a beautiful and enduring alternative to granite. Bronze is an alloy that exudes warmth. As a metal alloy, it can be cast with exquisite detail, making it a perfect choice for customizing your memorial to a loved one.

Our bronze memorials are given a special double finish coating that slows the oxidation process. You can select between a matte or gloss finish. Either way, your bronze memorial will age to a beautiful patina that will endure for generations to come.

Nearly an infinite variety of border designs, lettering styles, and emblems are available to choose from, and portraits of your loved one can also be incorporated into your memorial design. We also offer a wide variety of vase styles so all your design elements will harmonize.

The design process
Bronze memorials are secured to a granite base, so you will first select the granite. We will show you the options available and help you select the proper size for the memorial base. We can assist you in choosing a color of granite that will be compatible with the bronze.

Once you have settled on the granite, we will help you choose from the numerous styles of lettering as well as any military emblems or religious symbols you would like to include in the design. Our bronze memorials exceed the specifications required by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Be Proactive
A bronze memorial is designed to last for generations. The design process can feel daunting, so we invite you to schedule a consultation with us before your need arises. It is preferable to make decisions when you are not under stress because even the simplest of designs take time and careful thought.